Síoċáın is an artist working with camera, paint, dimensional materials and digital, often exploring themes of site, observer, time and space. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally, some of which can be viewed on her website at siocain.com. She is an art educator whose mission is to help students grow as people, while developing and strengthening their unique creative vision and voice—which usually involves them working in a wide range of creative media, including paper, clay, paint, photography and computer. She has taught all ages both privately and at the college level, and is currently a teacher of art in the Newark Public School District of New Jersey. Síoċáın practices Zen meditation and enjoys swimming, scuba-diving, hiking and the martial arts.

Síoċáın was born in Dublin, Ireland, and grew up in New York City. The name Síoċáın means peace in Irish, and is pronounced she-yuh-khan. Recently, Síoċáın adopted the old Irish spelling of the name. In her opinion the pre-spelling reform Irish language is both more readable and elegant than its "modern" equivalent, which inserts an awkward "h" to remove the diacritical from dotted characters. 20th Century spelling reforms were made primarily to accommodate equipment that rarely made them possible. While many diacritical marks remain a challenge to type, they are available in current technology and are important indicators of the subtle nuances of language.